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Character/Rescue story:

If you are looking for a lap dog or couch warmer, Zultan is the dog for you! He is a big snuggly dog version of a house cat. 

Zultan does not prefer to walk outside in the heat of the sun and is looking for a night owl who will take him on adventures in the cool of the evening. Hikes in the forest are his absolute favourite - he loves sniffing all the ferns and climbing over all the logs and rocks. He is lovely on leash and enjoys walking with dog friends as long as they have been properly introduced. Zultan can be stubborn and will need a patient and experienced adopter who can work with him on his walks. 

Zultan is wary of strangers, both human and dog, but once he gets to know you, will be your friend for life. Dogs and people walking by are no issue unless they approach or try to make contact without proper introduction. Zultan can coexist peacefully with cats but needs his space when eating. 

Zultan had a very rough start to life and is looking for a home where he can soak up all the love and attention. He loves nothing more than lying with his head on your lap getting infinite pets or being brushed. Apply to meet your new best friend! 

Age: 5 years old
Breed: Mixed, Collie, Rough
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Any previous or ongoing medical issues: No
Color: Fawn/White

Can be handled/touched: Yes

Walks on leash: Yes

Rides well in car: Yes

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