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Dylan's Story


Dylan’s Story

Dylan was found on the 11th of April 2020, lifeless in the middle of the desert in Kuwait’s scorching summer heat. He was taken into the care of a local Kuwaiti rescue group, and it was immediately apparent that he was not only suffering immensely from his injuries but was emotionally shut down; his soul was broken. Dylan was taken directly to the vet, and after examination, it was concluded he had been shot in his paw with a gun, leaving an open fracture and bone exposed. The gunshot wound had shattered all his right carpal bones and ligaments. His foot was severely infected, causing his body to shut down. We cannot even begin to imagine the pain and suffering he was experiencing. He could not walk; he could not defend himself from other dogs, and he certainly could not roam to find any source of food or water.

Life After Rescue


Dylan was hospitalized right away in the hope of saving his life; he was so weak and scared, but he was a fighter, and we knew that we would not give up on him no matter what. Dylan was being treated for an infection caused by the bullet fragments, being severely emaciated, and he required daily wound cleaning and flushing. This sweet boy had extensive surgery due to fractures in his paw. After his surgery and recovery, Dylan was taken to a local boarding facility, where he was given the best care, rehabilitation and love. He made so many doggo friends, but this wasn’t the life we wanted long-term for him. He was thriving and happy, but after a while, it was noticed that he wasn’t walking properly. The exterior wound was not healing correctly, and we had reached a dead end in terms of medical treatment for him in Kuwait and a chance at him being adopted by a family.


A Chance at a New Life and Forever Family


On June 28, 2022, the rescue world was turned upside down when CFIA announced it would no longer allow commercial dogs to enter Canada. Dylan had been living in the boarding facility for a year; no one had come forward to adopt him locally, so we knew we had to fight to find him a home in Canada. If he couldn't he would spend the rest of his life without a family, without proper medical care, living in a boarding facility. Most rescues abroad would not accept non-purebred dogs – especially those with serious medical needs. Mountainside Hope Foundation (MHF) in Vancouver heard about Dylan’s story and fell so very in love with him. They were determined to collaborate with Rescue Adopt Foster Kuwait (RAFKW) to help this boy; whatever it took. Two weeks later, all arrangements were made, and Dylan made his final 27-hour journey from Kuwait to Canada – where he was welcomed with so many emotions and overwhelming love!


How You Can Help


Dylan is beyond what we would call a fighter; he is our little warrior. How can we give up on a dog when they have shown so much strength and resilience? Despite his traumatizing encounter with that awful human that shot him to kill him, Dylan has nothing but love to give every single person he meets – his soul is healing, and his heart has completely opened to love again. The remaining step – ensure he is healthy and pain-free. This is where we need your help. Dylan was lucky enough to see the team at Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital; despite the multi-month waitlist, the team made a special space for Dylan due to the urgency of his case when MHF got an opportunity to share his story. A medical plan was discussed with two options to allow Dylan to live a life free from pain. The wound has remained open for over two years, resulting in a high risk of infection. His ligaments are extremely hyperextended due to time; his bones did not heal correctly from his first surgery, and they fused to limit mobility in the joint. After carefully considering all the risk factors, the team made the painful decision that amputation would secure the best life for Dylan in the future with the least risk and most excellent quality of life.


This is his once-in-a-lifetime chance to heal, live without pain, start a new chapter, and finally find his forever family who will not have to worry about medical issues. Please find it in your hearts to donate whatever amount you can; if you are unable to donate, a simple share of this page will hopefully help us tell his story and continue to raise the full amount for this extraordinary boy. A big thank you from Dylan, his amazing boarding team at Pawtastic, RAF.KW (Rescue Adopt Foster) in Kuwait and Mountain Side Hope Foundation in Canada.

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