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Mitten's Teeth


Meet Mittens - she is the absolute sweetest 8-year-old cat who just wants to relax and be loved. She adores head rubs and will purr and drool happily basking in your attention. She is a source of pure love.

Mittens was rescued and taken in because she was living on the streets and appeared to be pregnant. After successfully trapping her, we noticed she had a SPCA tattoo, indicating she was previously abandoned and rescued. We tracked her tattoo through the SPCA and found that the owner had left and moved out of town and we had no way of contacting them. We took her to the vet who determined that she was not pregnant but just a bit chunky.

Mittens recently had a dental cleaning and the vet found a cracked tooth during the x-ray. The vet was unable to extract it as the crack was in the root and referred Mittens to a specialist. She has the sweetest meow and would like to ask everyone to help support her. Donations will go towards funding her surgery and recovery. Please donate any amount you can or help share this page so that more people can meet sweet Mittens.

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