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It doesn’t get more handsome than Steve. He is a 4 year old show-stopper. Part white shepard and part husky, this sweet boy truly did get the attractive qualities of both breeds. He is leash trained and can break out a number of tricks on command. Will work for treats. This smart boy picks up things quickly and would do really well with a family willing to continue his training and challenge him both physically and mentally. 

Steve needs an adult only home with experienced dog owners. He is a great walking/running/hiking companion and would have no problem keeping up in an active home. His prey drive does not make him a good candidate for a home with cats or other small animals. While Steve has made other dog friends with proper introductions, he would prefer to be the centre of attention at home. Steve is very loving to his people and surprisingly quiet for being part husky. 

Originally from Victoria, Steve’s family fell upon hard times and this well trained happy dog ended up spending most of his time on a short chain and not getting a chance to experience the outside world. He was scheduled for euthanasia after running out of options. Steve’s recovery has been amazing but it is a work in progress. He is hoping for loving family where he can feel safe, secure and continue to grow

Weight: 29kg
Age: 4 years old
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Any previous or ongoing medical issues: No
Color: White

Can be handled/touched: Yes

Rides well in car: Yes

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