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Dash (male, Tabby) and Luna (female, Calico) are a bonded pair of kitties. They have strong personalities, are both very playful, smart, curious, love to play fight and chase each other and would do well in a home that has lots of space to play, cat safe plants that you don’t mind being munched on, and having things to climb. 

Dash is shy at first, but once he warms up to you, he will be attached to you by the hip (literally!) He is very very vocal and loves to sleep next to you. He will follow you around and plop down next to you wherever you sit or lie down. He loves head scratches and will meow until you give him attention and affection. When it comes to strangers, he won’t make the first move and will wait for Luna to sniff you out first. 

Luna is the braver one of the pair. She will initiate affection by rubbing up against your leg, or curling up next to you -but doesn’t like to be pet for too long! She will give you many warnings before trying to bite you if you pet her for too long, you just need to read her body language. She loves your company, but doesn’t love to be scratched as much as Dash. She knows what she likes (fish flavours are preferred) and what she doesn’t like (won’t eat beef flavoured treats or food.) 

They are both very food motivated - they will find out where you keep the treats and open the drawer, so be ready to have treats locked up or in a hard to open cabinet! They love toys that can be chased around (balls that have a jingle, toys that make noise, or ribbons on a stick!) They are sweet, affectionate, and become attached to you once they warm up to you - you will always have their company in every room!

Dash and Luna are bonded!

Approx Age: 2 years old 

Gender: Male

Breed/color: DSH/Tabby

Vaccinated: Yes

Neutered/Spayed: Yes

Dewormed: Yes

Fiv/felv tested: No

Good with cats: Yes if properly and slowly introduced 

Good with dogs: Unknown

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