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Welcome to the Mountainside 

Bringing Hope to the World One Paw at a Time

Mountainside Hope Foundation strives to bring awareness to current animal welfare issues through youth education programs and community-based involvement. We support the medical treatment, rehabilitation and adoption of special needs animal cases in rescues; collaborating with other reputable rescues and supporting local initiatives. Our TNR Partnership helps communities across Canada manage feral animal populations in a kind and respectful manner. 


We depend on your support in order to improve animal welfare and make the world a better place for generations to come. Join us today to learn all about volunteering and donating options.

Sleeping Cat

FIP medication update

FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis, was previously considered a death sentence to cats, with effective medication being inaccessible to vets and owners. Owners had to go through "illegal" channels to purchase life saving drugs for their beloved cats. In Canada, we now have legal access to the medication! Please see below links for more information.

If you have a cat with suspected FIP, please discuss treatment options with your vet. If you would like a second set of eyes, don't hesitate to contact us!

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About Our Foundation

Inspired by personal experiences in rescue and a life-changing event, the Mountainside Hope Foundation was established in 2022 in Vancouver, Canada. We are working hard to improve the lives of those in need. Here you can learn more about who we are and what we do.

Fosters needed!

Fosters provide a safe space for animals to live before they are ready for adoption. Supplies and medical costs are all covered during the foster period.

Apply below and help save a life!


Save Champ!


Hi Everyone, Champ was rescued near Grand Forks BC and is a very sweet affectionate cat that just wants love. He is approx two years old and came into rescue with what appears to be a deep bite wound. Despite many surgeries and a host of antibiocs, his wounds will not heal fully. He has been struggling for over a year! One of the vets we work with has reviewed his file and is confident he can help. We really need your support to have him transported here so he can be saved. This sweet boy deserves to be healed and go on to his forever home!

Please consider visiting the gofundme and support his surgery!

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From our supporters:

For my birthday this year I was thinking of asking my friends and family for donations to my favourite rescues (@raincoast dog rescue, and @mountainside hope rescue) all the things these rescues do for the animals is amazing and I envy there commitment and the time they spend saving these animals - Love Emma (15)

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Vancouver, BC Canada


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