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Robin & Raven are not sisters by birth but were the same age when they were found and have been together since day 1 of rescue. They are very close to each other and play together all the time. Robin is a head scratching loving princess who wants head rubs as much as she can get them. After her spay, she got really bad rashes caused by the medical glue that was used to close her wound. She has recovered well. Raven is an all black mama's girl. She wont sleep anywhere but next to her human's pillow at night. She loves running around with Robin and playing. She can be sensitive towards some foods which we discovered when she ate some of the kitten food left out and her head and neck was filled with allergy spots that were itchy but were gone 2 days after. She's not had any issues with any other foods. They are both very playful and will be timid around new people as they have been with one person for over a year but with patience they will come around and once they do they are a hilarious loving pair! Must stay together. 

Approx age: 2 years old

Gender: Female

Color/Breed: Black/ DSH

Neutered/Spayed: Yes

Dewormed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Microchipped: Yes


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