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It's an amazing thing. You get involved in rescue because you love animals... and what could possibly be more noble? Working with a group of kind-hearted humans that all value life and seek to protect those that can't speak up for themselves. What a way to balance out the challenges of day to day life - but then the illusion quickly fades. Animal rescue, proves to be akin to any other industry...any other business... where competition and ego play a major component rather than the cooperativeness and selflessness you would expect. But then there are those few - that somehow seem to shine through like beacons in the night. Good humans that make you forget about the rest. People who will go the extra mile and then some - because it's just the right thing to do. They put the welfare of the animals first; always. They inspire you. They motivate you. They overwhelm you with their devotion and capacity for love. These are the good humans that are truly making a difference. These are the advocates that we band together with. And change will only come through the cooperative efforts of a group of these people..... to carve a path; one step at a time.

For those that we have been blessed to know and work with; we are so grateful for you. For those we will meet along the way; we can't wait for our adventure to begin. Making a true lasting impact in animal welfare will not come from one - it will come from many voices standing together and calling for change.

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