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Vera is an absolute lovebug! If you are looking for a quiet and calm kitty to be your new buddy, then Vera is the one for you! She loves to be near people, cuddling and giving kisses all day! She will sit next to you or in your lap while you watch tv and she especially loves sleeping next to you at night. She has the sweetest nature ever and is very adaptable and easygoing. Vera loves to play both independently or with you, she also gets along well with other cats and plays with them too. She has the softest silkiest fur and grooms herself often. Vera is a great eater, not picky at all plus she is a very clean and tidy kitty who has excellent litter box habits.  Does the perfect cat exist?? If so, Vera may be it!

Approx age: 2 years old

Gender: Female

Color/Breed: Calico, DSH

Neutered/Spayed: Yes

Dewormed: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Microchipped: Yes


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