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Character/Rescue story:

This pup is everything the name implies....young, fun and energetic. Spunky is approximately 14 months old, just shy of 30 pounds and has the most unique eyes (it's not a trick of the camera or a filter) - they truly will melt your heart. 
He is the perfect companion for an active home as he loves to run and play! Spunky is up for just about anything! Amazing with other dogs, people and kids - however Spunky does show quite a bit of prey drive so we don't recommend him in a home with cats or really small dogs. This pup is really smart and would do well with any kind of training - even agility. Quiet inside the home and good with recall (once he knows you're his person), we can't say enough good things about him. Oh yes... and face kisses - he does love his face kisses. What would we work on for Spunky? Our recommendations would be continued leash training for busy areas and no jumping up on people (which he does sometimes when he's excited). Spunky has not met a person yet that he doesn't love. Are you his forever family? Come meet this perfect pup today!

Age: 1 year old
Breed: Mixed
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Any previous or ongoing medical issues: No
Color: Beige/Gold

Can be handled/touched: Yes

Walks on leash: Yes

Rides well in car: Yes

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