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Morris is the kind of pup that every one wants. He is loving, kind, sweet and gentle. His awareness of doggy social language is a marvel and he seems to get along with every dog he meets. Morris is constantly learning and absorbing the information around him. he loves his friends so much and having another older role model and cuddle buddy in his life would be a very good thing! 

Morris is currently in foster with cats and pays no attention to them. He is such a good nature dog that even in first meeting, he had zero reaction and just strolled by.  It's hard to fathom he and his litter were left in a ditch! 

Kids are his absolute favorite, and he enjoys their belly scratches, lap cuddles, and kisses. Morris is crate trained, and does extremely well learning his routines but he would be overjoyed to be someone's cuddle buddy at night! He is about 25 pounds and estimated to be around 35 full-grown - the perfect cuddle size! 

This pup has no problem holding his bladder overnight  and walks really well on leash, especially when he's with his friends. He has recently learned his name, and his recall is extremely good!  As a very food motivated pop training him is a breeze. He is exceptionally smart and always wanting to please. 

We will be extremely sad to see him go, but whatever Family takes him home has truly won the lottery !! 

As with all dogs, Mountainside recommends continued proper socialization, both with people and other animals. Dogs need ongoing training and exposure - it is a lifelong commitment!

Weight/Size: Medium
Age: Approx 9 months old
Breed: Mixed
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Any previous or ongoing medical issues: 

Walks on leash: Yes

Leash reactive to people or dogs: 

Rides well in car:

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