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Character/Rescue story:

You may have heard the term “low rider”  but have you ever met one? Meet Kim; Our resident low rider that is perfection is a long stubby legged package!  This sweet girl lived her life on a 5ft chain and was finally surrendered to our rescue partners after explaining why this wasn’t a way for animals to live their lives! But despite that life - Kim has not lost her step. She is an excellent walking, hiking, running buddy. She gets along well with other dogs. We have seen some prey drive and don’t recommend she be in a home with cats or small children (she would prefer some distance from littles to be comfortable). Kim has wonderful stamina and LOVES water. She has no problem diving into it and splashing to her hearts’ content. This lovely girl is very quiet and we seldom hear her bark. She is great in the car and enjoys cuddling with hoomans. All in all - her future family is going to be very very lucky!

Age: 3 years old

Breed: Mixed
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Any previous or ongoing medical issues: none
Color: Black/White

Can be handled/touched: Yes

Walks on leash: yes

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