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How to apply:

Thank you for choosing to adopt instead of purchasing a new pet! Join us in saving animals, one paw at a time.

*During Covid-19 pandemic, some of our adoption processes such as interviews, or home visits may be conducted  online, through video call ie, Zoom, or Skype. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Step 1: View adoptable pets

View our available cats and dogs online, or at select stores, and find one that you fall in love with! Please carefully consider how the animal may fit into your lifestyle, as the animal will become a permanent member of your family.

Step 2: Complete and submit an adoption application

Once you find a match, remember their name, and complete an adoption application. Links can be found below:

Please note, we may receive multiple applications for the same animal. We will review them all and try to find the best match. If you are interested in multiple animals, please list it on the adoption application. We may also suggest the best match based on your application and the animal's personalities.

Step 3: Check your email/book an interview

If your application is a good match or if we have any questions, we will email you to book an interview.

*Please check your junk/spam mailbox as well*

Step 4: Complete the adoption processes

If you are selected as the best match, you will be required to make payment of the adoption fee to complete the adoption process, and get your home ready for the new arrival!

Step 5: Pickup your new family member!

We will coordinate with you to schedule the best time to pickup the new pet from either the store they are currently living in, or from the foster's home. Please bring a carrier to pickup the animal

*A bigger carrier, with some blankets or towels may be required if the pet is shy. This will make them feel less trapped and anxious during the transport*



Approx 1.3 years old

Current Location: Vancouver


A new environment can be scary and intimidating. Give them some space to decompress and relax. Send us some pictures of your new pet once they have settled down!

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