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Olia - Cortez Rescue

Foster update: Olia is a love bug; she absolutely loves to cuddle and snuggle! She is fully housetrained and sleeps all night in her own bed, she even likes to sleep in till 7 or 8am!!!! She walks well on a leash, but loves to run free on the beach playing fetch with sticks. When beach time is over, she easily gets back on leash to walk home. She sits well and we are now working on stay and other commands. She is a smart girl. She mastered the doggie door quickly all by herself. Olia is still very much a puppy at heart. She is very curious and a bit mischievous at times. Of note is that Olia is ‘mostly’ great with small kids but when she gets super playful, she bites (trying to grab the leash, ball or toy) and jumps. We've been working on this and she's improving a ton but she is just so strong and full-on that my young kids keep getting nipped or pushed/pulled down.

Olia was found abandoned in Los Barriles. She barely had any hair and was very skinny. But to our surprise the Vet found nothing wrong with her: no mange, no tick fever, nothing. Her hair is growing back and she has become one gorgeous girl. She is super playful and likes to chase balls. 

Weight/Size: 50-60lbs
Age: Approx 7-24 months old
Breed: Mixed
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Any previous or ongoing medical issues: 
Color: Cream & white

Walks on leash: 

Leash reactive to people or dogs: 

Rides well in car:

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