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Character/Rescue story:

His name almost as unique as he is.  
Amafleto embodies gentleness and class.  He is curious from a distance and likes to proceed with caution.  He errs on the side of justifiable shyness, (the world is a daunting place) until he is at ease in his surroundings.  Once there, he is more open to seeing what the world has to offer.   
He is relatively new to experiencing affection so opening his comfort levels to include what love is meant to feel like, by way of cuddles and pets and showing him that he is worthy of all the love in the world is needed for this special guy.  Amafletos person should be able to spend quality time with him to work on patiently helping him open himself up to enjoy the freedom of feeling safe with his trusted companion.
Timidness aside, he is very dog friendly but is more inclined to be of the submissive sort, so a home with a more dominant dog is not ideal for Amafleto. 
He is delightfully easy on leash and happy to go where the walk goes that day. 
If the pictures don't illustrate it to the degree that is Amafleto in the flesh, he is quite honestly, adorable.  He is on the smaller side of dog but treads on the medium size of ears. He hasn't been introduced to cats as of yet but the consensus is he would do OK with them.  Simply put, A quiet boy looking for a loving home. 

Age: July 1, 2018
Breed: Retriever, Labbrador
Gender: Male
Vaccinated: Yes
Any previous or ongoing medical issues: 
Color: Light Brown

Good with men/women/kids:

Good with other dogs: Yes, if properly introduced

Good with cats:

House Trained:

Crate Trained: 

Energy level: 

Can be handled/touched: 


Flight Risk: 

Food aggressive:

Current food:

Walks on leash: 

Leash reactive to people or dogs: 

Rides well in car:

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